Corporate Solutions

Business houses play a great role in delivering to the societal needs, not just through their marketing efforts but also through social responsiveness.
Our proposition is such that through the platform of Talents on Display, apart from the societal needs, certain needs of the businesses too can be met in a cost effective way, delivering mutual benefits to the business and the artist it patronises.

Marketing needs
Art is an excellent marketing tool for communicating Brands, especially in ‘B to B’ scenario, wherein goodwill can be created amongst the value delivering partners.
The work of our artists in the form of corporate gifts will not just communicate the brand, but will also showcase the Artist, his cultural backdrop and the prevailing social realities.

Aesthetic needs
We offer value in creating Ambience and Décor of your brick and mortar facilities and offices.
Some Industries may even consider procuring art on lease, especially when there is a need to break the monotony of décor; this reduces the cost by removing the burden of ownership and also adds variety to the atmosphere of hospitality.

Corporate Events
Our Culinary and Music Artists (as well as performing artists) will create an aesthetic and entertaining experience for the participants of your Corporate Events in a cost effective and value creating way.

CSR needs
Businesses have been assigned a moral role in building our societies for a sustainable future, through company laws which seek compliance.
Art as an entity is yet to find its due place in the legislation even though it uplifts social enthusiasm and transcends the barriers of cultural and social divides.
Through Talents on Display, we can advocate CSR by propelling economic equity and participation amongst artists, using their art to communicate the present needs of building tomorrow’s viable society. The need for Environmental Preservation, Quality Education, Healthcare and Nutrition are amongst the few ways of reaping demographic dividends. In more than one ways art can be used as a medium to communicate the need of societal responsiveness amongst the stakeholders of a sustainable future.

We need to bridge the existing divides is what Talents on Display stands for.